This information was prepared by Councilor Pavel Jervyn’s aide, Hu’em Dingar, and delivered to the group through a transmission to Clone Trooper 1034.

It has come to our attention, through the efforts of Jedi Padawan Alrik Pol, former Jedi Navik, Lady Dragomira, and Taren Tlo, that a black-scaled Trandoshan was responsible for the capture of the criminal Bors Reynolds. Information by survivors of the attack on the safe-house on Drukon from which Garen Highquarter was taken also suggests that a black-scaled Trandoshan was involved. Because Trandoshans don’t naturally have black scales, this gives us good reason to believe that one Trandoshan is involved. For this reason, we have turned to Republic archives and found the following information.

Five years ago, the career of a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Sarrin officially came to an end with his retirement. He is the only Trandoshan known to have stepped down from the Hunt by declaring that he believed his Jagganath score was high enough to guarantee him a place in the Scorekeeper’s favor. In a career lasting twenty galactic years, he became known for his brutal efficiency and his fondness for large, devastating weaponry. He had his scales permanently died black to make himself even more fearsome to his opponents, and his claws were replaced by specially crafted vibro-weapons. Out of more than a hundred confirmed bounties, none were delivered alive, and he never took a job that required the party to be anything but deceased, preferably with not much required to verify the kill.

Sarrin was known to work alone, and to sell his services to only those whom he saw as worthy of his talents. As a young creature, Sarrin was known for being headstrong, and frequently destroyed (and ate) his quarry in such a fashion that what little was left of its pelt was useless as a trophy. Later, after he attained a score he believed to be high enough, he seems to have returned to the same sadistic thrill at destroying his enemies completely.

After his career, Sarrin appears to have attempted to live in isolation on a wild planet somewhere in the Outer Rim, but eventually, his restlessness got the better of him. A few years ago, he appeared to go into the weapons trade, offering to sell weapons of complex and devastating design. His business sense, unlike his hunting instincts, were severely lacking, and it appears he quickly went bankrupt.

We believe his humiliation, coupled with his need for money, has brought him back into the world of hunting. When he was selling guns, he opened a shop in a particularly destitute and scummy part of the waste-planet Ord Mantell. I believe that he is still there now, or else that it would be the best place to begin the search.

Sarrin should be approached with extreme caution. Although he is no longer young, he is tough and wily, and he is known for killing any who pose him a threat. He is a master of weaponry and explosives and particularly delights in collecting pelts that are badly singed by the marks of his weapons.


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