Taren Tlo


Taren is a Kel Dor who stands 1.95m and weights approximately 98 kgs. Taren has light brown-tan skin, with his face being significantly darker.

Taren’s black breathing mask has some crude etchings on it, almost trying to mimic the elegant etchings of the more well off Kel Dor back on Dora. Like all his race, he had three fingered hands with large claws tipping each finger.

Taren used to carry his lightsaber around wherever he went, but since the Jedi Council has refused to train him further, his lightsaber was taken away. Now he uses a blaster that he picked off of a dead pirate that boarded their ship. He hopes to find a new lightsaber soon, for he would much rather use that than a blaster.

Taren was struck down by his former master, Rexib after betraying him when he pretended to join his cause for a duration of a battle. When he flipped sides again and threw a holocron to a Ithorian demolitions expert named RontRoth, his former master struck him down in a fit of rage.


Taren Tlo

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