A Rodian ex-Jedi soldier


Navik is unusual among Rodians, in that he is Force Sensitive. This trait is not common in Rodians, so at a young age, he was sent to Coruscant where he joined the Jedi Academy as a Padawan. After training for a few years, he eventually became a teenager, and like many teenagers, fell in love. After much soul-searching, he came to the decision that it was more important to him to be able to follow his own heart and be with the girl he loved than to follow a strict set of unwavering, unfeeling rules laid down by old men centuries ago. As such, he decided to leave the Order.

Unfortunately, not everything worked out for him, as the girl of his dreams left him shortly after for a Trandoshan who claimed to be able to out-hunt any Rodian on Coruscant (not that there were many there, or many places on the planet to go hunting). Although he remained on good terms with the Jedi Council, and even did contract work for them on occasion, they would not re-admit him into the Order. He would have to be content with whatever jobs he could find as a soldier, mercenary, or bounty hunter.


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