Alrik Pol

Alrik is a contemplative, adventurous young Jedi.


Alrik Pol has a light build, fair skin, and black hair, with a well-trimmed mustache and beard. While he usually wears Jedi robes, he understands the necessity of sometimes going incognito in the less Republic-friendly parts of space.
He carries his lightsaber at all times, sometimes hiding it out of sight. He is usually carrying other useful supplies, like medpacs, glowrods, and a datapad.


When Councilor and Lady Pol of Alderaan thought they could not have children, they adoped Zayi, a child who had been rejected for adoption because of her half-Chiss blood. The Pols loved her spunk and vigor, and they thought her mixed blood gave her an exotic appearance.

Then, four years later and with much consultation with doctors, Alrik was born to them.

Both children were raised with equal love in a happy home that lacked nothing.

When Alrik was three years old, he was taken away to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He kept in touch with his family as much as was allowed, which, unfortunately, wasn’t much. Alrik accepted it, however, and dedicated himself to learning the ways of the Jedi. Unlike his friends Navik, and [Dragomira’s brother] and his sister Dragomira, Alrik accepted the teachings of the Jedi masters without question. He was always up for an adventure, though, and even though he often served as the voice of reason in the group, they got him into trouble more often than not. Because of Alrik’s guilty conscience, he often became the fall guy of the group, something that he accepted with a resolute sigh.

When Alrik was seven and Zayi was eleven, Alrik received word that a strange Chiss named Dauro Wroan had taken his sister away. It turned out that Dauro was Zayi’s biological father, and he insisted that he had a legal right to take her. Surprisingly, the courts agreed, and the heartbroken Pol family had to give their beloved daughter away to the thuggish Wroan. Alrik struggled with his conscience, but in the end decided it would be unwise to give up the Jedi way to go find her.

Alrik was chosen at age eleven to be the apprentice to Jedi Master Shurav Cale’rho, a wise female Bothan.

From that time until Alrik was 16, he and Master Cale’rho were sent to Bothawui, where they were tasked with keeping an eye on the political atmosphere and representing the Jedi Council. Alrik learned a lot about politics as he dodged political machinations and plots. Mostly, he learned to keep his mouth shut and his ears open, and never to trust too easily or dismiss an enemy too readily. He also spent a fair amount of time back on Coruscant continuing his studies and meditating.

When he was seventeen, an illegal prison ship passed close to Bothawui. Alrik took the opportunity to smuggle himself on board, posing as a prisoner. He exposed the operation and shut down the prison ship. In the process, he heard rumors about a criminal named Fesil Wroan from a fellow prisoner.

Back on Bothawui, Alrik Pol and Master Cale’rho were the targets of an anti-Jedi conspiracy. Both of them encountered several assassination attempts, both by Bothans and mercenaries, on Bothawui as well as Coruscant. Master Cale’rho discovered the Bothan clan behind the conspiracy, but Alrik was the one to realize that there was a deeper conspiracy to betray and discredit the Bothan clan responsible and thus end up damaging the reputation of the Jedi and the people responsible for damaging that reputation. It was a valuable lesson for the young Jedi on how twisted and treacherous the world can be.

When Alrik was 21, the political climate on Bothawui toward Alrik and Master Cale’rho was still rather tender, so the Jedi Council feel it wisest to assign them elsewhere. During this time, Alrik made frequent visits to The Wheel, where he met all sorts of unsavory characters and got into quite a few scrapes, but finally managed to contact Dauro Wroan. From Wroan, he learned the true story: Zayi wasn’t adopted by chance, as Alrik had been led to believe. She was actually the illegitimate child of Wroan and Lady Pol, who had had an affair. When Lady Pol had learned she was pregnant, she knew that the child was Wroan’s, since Councilor Pol could not have children. She hid the pregnancy from Wroan, however, and told her husband about it. Deep down she knew that Wroan would make a poor father, and that the Councilor’s pain over learning of the affair would not overshadow his natural goodness. To avoid scandal, the kindly Councilor decided to pull strings and have the child adopted instead of filing to get custody. Years later, when Dauro Wroan learned of the existence of his daughter, he also learned that the paperwork had been doctored, and it was this knowledge that had allowed him to get custody of Zayi, whom he had called Fesil. Dauro also told Alrik that Fesil was happy in her new life, and she did not want to see her old family or be reminded of her life as Zayi Pol.

Alrik left the Wheel with a heavy heart, but soon other thoughts were occupying his mind. Alrik and Master Cale’rho were tasked with investigating rumors of Separatist activity as the galaxy moved towards war. They tried to track down Sep information cells and spy networks, but it was like chasing ghosts, and too often they arrived to find nothing but burned-out computers, security droids waiting in ambush, or booby traps. Occasionally they did find information, though, and it helped the Jedi Council stay one step ahead of the emerging Separatist movmenet. Alrik tried to find out where his half-sister was and the truth behind her new life; so far, his attempts have proved fruitless.

Alrik Pol is 22 years old when he has an unexpected, though certainly not unwelcome, guest show up at his door The campaign begins here…

Alrik Pol

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