1034 is a Republic Clone Trooper. Other than his battle scars, nothing distinguishes him from his clone brethren. He is a capable fighter and prefers using his dual pistols over a heavy blaster.


1034 began life as a typical Republic clone trooper. He received the same basic training as the other clone troopers but went on to distinguish himself amongst the other clones during the Battle of Genonosis. After the rest of his squad was decimated in a droid attack, 1034 went on to complete his squad’s mission on his own. Because of his performance on the battlefield, 1034 received additional, specialized training. He is now frequently assigned to missions where a small group can be more effective than a large assault. This gives 1034 the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals, including Jedi and mercenaries, rather than constantly being surrounded by other clones.

1034 is uncomfortable around other clones because he is afraid that he has no individuality or a “soul.” He fears being “another clone” more than he fears death. When he is forced to be around other clones, he prefers to be in command because it gives him the opportunity to showcase his individuality. While he is a good soldier and generally follows orders, he balks at taking orders from other clones. He constantly strives to show his worth in battle to his teammates so he can continue to participate in individualized missions away from other clones. He finds his lack of a real name disturbing, but feels that it is not his place to create a name for himself.


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