Bors Reynolds

The Captain


The Captain is a balding, overweight man with thick arms and a cutting glare. He wears plain clothes, usually a tunic and trousers held up by a belt heavy with weapons.


Bors Reynolds, also known as the Captain, was one of Jabba the Hutt’s most trusted lieutenants for a brief time. It became known that he was dealing without the knowledge of his master, amassing a personal fortune. In exchange for weapons, he got the Tusken Raiders to help him in his smuggling schemes. He also teamed up with pirate captain Sal Plotts to capture Jedi on their way to Drukon, although what he wanted with Jedi remains a mystery. After an unsuccessful attempt to buy a Mos Eisley nightclub called the Moon’s Shadow, his guards abandoned him and his double-dealings became known to Jabba. With a price on his head, it wasn’t long before Bors was captured by a black-scaled Trandoshan bounty hunter, who alerted the Jedi to his capture. His fate since then remains a mystery, but most believe it won’t be long before he’s a meal for the Rancor or the Sarlacc.

Bors Reynolds

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