Derin Fewn

Roguish Merchant


Derin Fewn is a handsome rogue who seems to always have a smile on his face and a new trick up his sleeve. He has long hair and seems to cultivate an unshaved appearance just short of having an actual beard and mustache. He dresses in simple clothes that usually have some added dash of personality. Like his ship, the Ghost of Kessel, Derin doesn’t seem to be particularly on the up-and-up, but he makes a joke out of his illegal activities and seems to always come through – particularly when there’s money involved.


Having been born on a space station, the universe was in Derin’s blood from the beginning. He served a few years on a local militia but found that military life was not to his liking, so he stole a ship and traded it for his first vessel. Since then, he’s made a living on both sides of the law, managing to stay one step ahead of trouble. He’s known around the galaxy as a capable, if not particularly amazing, pilot and a love of women. More often than not, he imagines his talents with ladies are greater than they actually are, but he’s mostly harmless, and certainly has his fair share of success. His past with Dragomira goes back a few years: wherever there’s good money to be had, he’s more than ready to provide adventure, so the two were a good match for one another, and her wealth hasn’t suffered from their relationship, although thus far it’s been more business and friendship than anything more serious. Never one to stay in any one place for long, Derin seems to have taken an interest in the goings-on relating to Navik, Alrik, Taren, and the others.

Derin is perhaps best known in galactic cantinas for a particular incident involving a Hutt, a particularly tight docking hatch, and some very spicy local food. It’s probably not the incident he hopes to be remembered for.

Derin Fewn

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