Asthal Krup

Mysterious red-haired Jedi Master


Asthal Krup has a natural calm charisma that reflects his noble upbringing. He is aristocratically handsome, with high cheek bones and long, red hair and a small beard. He wears simple but tasteful clothes and keeps his lightsaber hidden in the folds of his cloak when on a world that isn’t Republic-friendly. He has an intense demeanor and an intelligent, confident smile.


The Jedi Council barely knew of Asthal Krup until he came to them fully trained, the Force a powerful ally at his side. He was trained by a mysterious Master who chose him from dozens of candidates on his homeworld. Asthal has spent most of his life traveling the galaxy in search of knowledge and wisdom, and is said to be older than he appears. The Jedi Council knows him as someone who will take any task and succeed in it; it is precisely for his reputation as an unusual teacher who often comes up with his own ways of doing things that they chose him to teach Alrik Pol and lead the mission to Drukon.

Asthal Krup

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