Exotic Falleen Jedi


Zelina is a beautiful, exotic Falleen with violet eyes and a long black ponytail. She has unusual and striking features, with high cheekbones and soft eyes. She usually wears unusual and stylish clothes befitting her aristocratic background.


As a young girl, Zelina left her family for training in the Jedi Temple. She barely knew her father and mother, who were petty nobles and turned their backs on her when she chose to follow the Force rather than taking care of the family estate. Her trainers sometimes said that they had never seen a more dedicated pupil, but her mastery over the Force was never particularly good. This became a particular sticking point from her when Anakin Skywalker, a brat from a backwater planet, became the favored student of Obi-Wan Kenobi and was said to be destined to bring balance to the Force. For Zelina, who had always struggled, it was infuriating to see someone else get so much attention and power with so little effort. This was particularly painful to her because of the temptation of the pride and arrogance felt by so many of her species. She never liked being one of the crowd. As she grew, she felt more and more tempted to use her beauty and natural Falleen charm to further herself, but she started to believe that doing so was wrong and evil. Finally, when she was taken to a secret temple to make her lightsaber and become a Jedi Knight, she chose not to return to Coruscant. She would make her way in the outer worlds, trying to find peace and balance within herself and quell the jealousy and self-pity that she felt growing within herself.


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