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Victory on Sestan

Nobody is going to read this anyway

A daring raid by the group of Republic fighters led by 1034 and Alrik crippled the giant robotic spaceport the Separatists were using as their base. By sneaking aboard the moving city disguised as Seps, the group managed to escape capture (and shoot their way out of situations where they were discovered) long enough to cripple one of the four giant treads, each as large as a Jawa sandcrawler, that moved the city. Sven’s expertise with explosives helped them bring down a major drive shaft within the tread, bringing the whole thing grinding to a halt. With the city stopped, the Morna would have a chance to gather to attack.

“I almost feel sorry for the Seps,” laughed Navik as the group prepared for the final rush.

And attack they did. The Morna overwhelmed the city with the help of the group. Even as the brave furry warriors rushed over the outnumbered Separatist warriors, the human soldiers surrendered, leaving only the droids to fight. Finding the battle lost, an entire ship filled with battle droids started to lift off from the spaceport. Wasting no time, the group got aboard, dispatching the droids inside and commandeering the ship. A huge Separatist ship was still in orbit, ready to depart with many of the droids and supplies that had been stockpiled on Sestan. A group of Morna came along.

When they arrived on the Separatist lead ship, the group found it in disarray, the battle on the groud almost over and most of the droids aboard in storage, not ready to receive the boarders.

“Stick together and find a way to stop this ship,” 1034 insisted. “If they jump to hyperspace, we’re in deep trouble.”

With the Jedi leading the way, the group ran out onto the loading dock of the ship, only to be faced by two huge droid battletanks! “Fall back!” shouted Alrik, deflecting a battlecannon blast and dodging behind some cover. As the group laid down cover fire, the tanks chewed through walls and boxes, forcing them to keep moving or be pinned down by the murderous fire.

Navik winced as he changed the power pack on his pistol. “There’s no way we’re going to be able to beat them like this! We’re pinned down!”

“I’ve got a little surprise for you,” muttered Sven, shouldering a rocket launcher. When he attempted to fire, however, the tube clicked, and the rocket misfired. He cleared the weapon and tried with a new rocket, but it also misfired. Cursing in his native language, the scout tossed aside the useless weapon, only his fast reflexes saving him from a hail of blaster fire as he dove back behind cover.

Seeing the gravity of their situation, Alrik closed his eyes, drawing on the inner poise of the Jedi. He activated his lightsaber, letting its soft hum soothe him, then jumped up from behind the fragment of metal wall he had been hiding around. Deflecting a blast that would surely have killed him, he dashed across the floor. With deadly swings of his lightsaber, he disabled one of the tanks, but as he turned toward the other, a hail of fire dropped him, tearing through his clothes and singing his flesh.

“We’ve got to get to him, and quickly!” shouted 1034, but he was forced back behind cover by the remaining tank. “Navik, can you reach him?”

“There’s no time!” shouted the usually selfish Mik-suul. “Save the Jedi!” With that, he jumped out, dashing across the plating that was hot from blaster discharges. The tank swiveled, its cannons tracking him, and he took several close shots and stumbled. He only bared managed to stagger behind a bank of computers and collapse in pain.

But the distraction had been enough for 1034, who dashed bravely across the floor to revive Alrik. Drawing their weapons, he and Sven split up, flanking the droid tank. First one, then the other would fire, drawing its attention. One tread fell off. They continued to pour fire into it, feeling their cover starting to give way, blaster bolts inching uncomfortably close. Then, at last, a mighty crunch echoed through the chamber, and the tank was quiet.

“You think you’ve won.” A cold voice sounded across the hangar floor. “You don’t know what victory is.” Clad in red, a terrifying woman, tall and broad-shouldered, strolled across the hangar. She carried an ignited red lightsaber. Beside her walked a giant four-legged droid, its rusty hide scarred by hundreds of blaster marks, its legs tipped by long, deadly claws. “My name is Crimson Dove. Master Tyrannus promised me he would make me his apprentice when he was Sith Lord. I had plans for this world. You Jedi, with your codes and your laws. How can you ever know something by only embracing half of it? Your knowledge of the Force is a lie. And you, Twi’lek. What do you have to gain by this? And you, clone. You’re just a puppet, a copy. You are nothing. It’s not too late to join the winning side. And you? A mercenary,” she said, pointing to Sven and Navik. “There’s no profit in dying.”

“Maybe not,” said Sven, gripping his weapon. “But I’m going to enjoy kicking your ass.”

“That’s right,” said the Twi’lek. “Mik-suul not like.”

The ensuing fight was vicious. First the Separatist pair, then the group of Republic warriors would seem to be ahead. Finally, a well-placed shot from 1034 cut through the space between armored plates at the droid’s neck. It toppled, and the fihgt continued around the collosal wreck. Navik climbed onto the giant droid, firing again and again from his perch, forcing Crimson Dove to keep moving. The enraged dark Force user charged Mik-suul, who dodged and dove, but soon collapsed. Even as 1034 tended him, Alrik charged. Lightsabers clashed, and the pair were locked in battle, their weapons whirling almost deafeningly as sparks flew from the blades. Crimson Dove raised her lightsaber and brought it down hard, forcing Alrik to lower his blade just long enough for her to lunge. Alrik fell, slashed across the chest.

But it was all the opportunity Sven needed. Standing behind her, he leveled his weapon. “I told you,” he quipped, and fired. Crimson Dove crumpled to the deck, dead.

With Mik-suul and Alrik conscious again, supported on the shoulders of their companions, they took over the rest of the ship. The Separatist droids mostly destroyed by the Morna who had landed with them, the rest didn’t put up much of a fight. What fate awaited this disparate group, only the Force could tell, but their actions, regardless for which side they had fought, had brought a little more good into the galaxy at a time the world needed it badly.


I read it. I liked it.

Thank you for taking your time with the log!

// Lars

Victory on Sestan

Good times. Good times.

Victory on Sestan

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