Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

The Flight to Sestan

On the trip from Tattooine to Sestan, Alrik Pol made a transmission to his temporary master….

Alrik knelt before the communications console, which projected the holographic image of Asthal Krup.

“Our business on Tattooine is concluded,” said Alrik. “We are on our way to Sestan, to join our comrades and fight the Separatists.”

“Your business is concluded?” asked Krup, his flickering white-and-blue image leaning forward. “Was the conclusion satisfactory to you?”

Alrik turned his face away for a moment before meeting Krup’s eyes. “We have fulfilled our debt to the Trandoshan. I regret the methods we had to use to accomplish this, but I have a feeling that the situation could never have resolved itself in a way I would have wished.”

Krup cocked an eyebrow. “Oh? You have this feeling?”

“Master…” began Alrik, one hand tightening where it rested on his knee. He composed his face, relaxed his hand, and continued. “I regret that I became involved with the black-scaled Trandoshans. Their world is not one which I understand, and I do not wish to be a part of it. The deceit and violence…” He trailed off, his face burning with shame.

“And yet you are part of their world. We all are. You must learn how to live with such people and deal with them, without allowing yourself to become like them.”

“But my companions…”

“Do not blame those you are with,” chided Asthal Krup. “You are a Knight now. That means that you must take responsibility for your own actions. Do you understand?”

Alrik nodded. “Yes.”

Krup nodded in return. “May the Force be with you.”

“And with you.” The transmission ended.

That night, Alrik Pol was troubled by dreams. In one, they had made contact with Nissa by offering her back her ship. They hid a tracking beacon on board and gave the coordinates to Sarrin, who laid a trap for Nissa and destroyed the ship and its entire crew when they arrived at their desination.

In his next dream, Alrik saw himself remaining behind at the Pit of Carkoon to negotiate between Nissa and Sarrin. He convinced Sarrin that Nissa had the fire he once had, and he showed Nissa that Sarrin had the experience she craved. He convinced them to work together, but in doing so, he released them to bring death and chaos to the galaxy.

In his last vision, he saw himself, glowing lightsaber in hand, standing over the bodies of both Trandoshans, their blood spattering his Jedi robes. He awoke from this last vision with a cry and stared into the darkness of his room. What was the Force trying to tell him? Had he made a mistake back on Tattooine, or had it been the right decision? If the Force was guiding his actions, why was he so unsure…?



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