Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

Panthulu Attack

The rescue of Baron Highquarter

After receiving a tip, the group headed off to investigate a lead that Nissa’s ship had been spotted floating derilect in deep space. When they arrived, they found signs of scarring on the side of the ship, but too random and light to indicate a space battle. Several of the escape pods had also been jettisoned. When they boarded near the engines, Rontwroth checked the systems discovered that the hyperdrive was barely functional, suffering a massive power drain. They advanced through the ship and found sticky residue and blood on the floor, but no signs of life. The lights flickered overhead and they could hear things moving around in the ship. Alrik reached out with the force; in addition to a few human minds, terrified, he sensed a strange, cunning alien presence that he had never felt before. When one of the group quickly analyzed some of the goo left behind, he found it to be the blood of a creature not previously identified, but distantly related to mynocks.

After forcing a door open, the group discovered a pair of thugs hiding in the security room. They told a confused story about space monsters that killed some of their crew; apparently, Nissa and some of her men blasted through to the escape pods and escaped, but these two were cut off and hid, surviving off what emergency rations they had. As they conversed, they were suddenly attacked by the monsters. They vaguely resembled panther-sized mynocks with big, fleshy wings, slimy skin, and grasping heads with long, seeking tentacles. Forming a defensive line, the group held off the monsters that Navik immediately dubbed “panthulus,” after a creature from a strange watery planet called a ‘panther’ and a Rodian god. Rontwroth, who had stayed behind to work on the hyperdrive, tried to flank the monsters, but was attacked from behind by another one. No-one was seriously injured, however, and they beat the monsters back. Sven, a gun-for-hire the group had just added, stocked up on grenades from the armory, and the group made their way to the bridge. There, they discovered a hole in the floor that led to the lower deck. Rontwroth managed to force enough power out of the hyperdrive to make the lifts function for one trip, and the group split: one part went down the lifts and the other climbed down the hole in the plating. One of the thugs came with them; they left the other behind.

The lower level was a mess, the walls plastered thick with alien matter and reeking. Apart from more “panthulus,” the group faced a larger beast: a mammoth monster with empty sacks hanging limply on its slimy, veiny sides, its head a massive mess of tentacles and teeth, its legs thick and clawed. Behind the creature, barely alive, Baron Highquarter was being kept for food as the creatures slowly drained away his vital fluids the way mynocks drain power from ships. In the fight that followed, Alrik was knocked to the ground, unconscious, but his friends dragged him back and revived him with medpacks. Sven dropped the giant monster with a final shot.

After they reached the Baron, Alrik helped revive the weakened man, and the group made their way to beneath the hole under the bridge. While some of the heroes made their way up, Rontwroth remained behind to guard the baron, and a shifty Twi’lek scoundrel named Mik Suul did also. Mik Suul had been brought along by 1034, who was charged with watching over the notorious criminal but also using his considerable combat skills to do some good. After the group fought their way through a panthulu ambush in the bridge, they discovered the devoured corpse of the thug they had left behind. After the Baron and Ront climbed back up through the hole, Mik Suul shivved the remaining guard in an unprovoked attack, killing him instantly. After the group noticed the man’s absence, they discovered the Twi’lek’s bloody deed, and 1034 clapped him in irons again.

The Baron rescued, Rontwroth managed to coax enough life back into the ship to limp back to Coruscant, where they received their reward for a job well done.



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