Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

Mek's Poem

War Song of the Morna

In the days of old, our fathers lived long,
They spent their days in hunt and song,
But time moves fast, those days are past,
And we spill our blood upon the grass.

From among the stars, the space-men roam,
They bring their war now to our home,
They cut our trees, our people flees,
Like blossoms tossed before the breeze.

They bind our leaders up with steel:
A ploy to bring our tribes to heel.
They send their spies to blind our eyes;
The mountains tremble with their lies.

Yet we have learned good knows no races
And our fires now warm these hairless faces.
It gives us pride to know we die
With men like you fighting by our side.

Our children lived in fear of their attacks
And the stars themselves turned their backs
Like a touch of light you came one night,
Though this is not your world and not your fight.

What feud this is, not even the wisest knows,
But we drew the lines and then we chose.
All we can do is stand by you
And pray the stars will see us through.

The sun now rises, red with dawn,
The blood is hot and the hunt is on.
We go our way to join the fray
Our children shall sing about this day.



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