Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

Confronting Nissa

Trandoshan on Trandoshan Action

As 1034, Rontwroth, and Navik prepared for a mission to the Separatist-held planet Sestan, the remaining members of the group (Alrik Pol, Mik Suul, and Sven) set about repaying an old debt: they would find Nissa, the black-scaled Trandoshan imposter, for Sarrin. The Twi’lek set a trap for Nissa by putting out a rumor that Mik Suul was a man with a price on his head (not a hard feat, considering he was indeed in deep water for murdering the thug, not to mention his previous crimes) and transporting a valuable cargo. The three set off in Nissa’s ship as bait, and sure enough, a crew of bounty hunters arrived to collect the price on Mik’s head. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t Nissa’s crew! Another bounty hunter had seized the initiative. The three boldly fought off the bounty hunters, killing two and forcing the other two to flee the ship. Sven fought particularly well, his shots flying almost unerringly and impacting again and again on the weak parts of the bounty hunters’ thick armor. The ship took heavy damage in the attack, however, and they were rewarded for their effort by a 5,000 credit repair bill.

After paying the bill and arriving on Tatooine (it was a suitably remote planet), Alrik came up with another plan: they would put out a rumor that they had captured a black-scaled Trandoshan. Mik Suul used his contacts to spread the rumor, and before long, they were contacted by Nissa, who arranged a meeting at Watto’s junk shop. The trio met Nissa and three of her cronies at the shop. They negotiated a price for the Trandoshan: 40,000 credits, of which the greedy Watto demanded 10,000 for letting them use his shop and not squealing. They realized an important flaw in their plan: they didn’t actually have a black-scaled Trandoshan prisoner. They had completely neglected to get Sarrin’s help. Improvising, Mik led Nissa out of the shop and to a cantina. There, he contacted Sarrin, who said he would come in a week to confront the Trandoshan counterfeit. The Twi’lek then sneaked away, leaving his two compatriots to twist as the three guards kept them covered at Watto’s shop. Sven tried to sneak away, but he tripped over an old droid, and was discovered. Finally, Nissa returned, and Alrik managed to convince her that he and Sven were just hired muscle and had no idea what Mik’s plan was. Alrik and Sven asked for a week in which to get around to finding and delivering Sarrin (it was a COINCIDENCE that Sarrin needed exactly that amount of time to get to Tatooine). They would then meet her at the Great Pit of Carcun or Carcoon or however you spell it.

Sarrin showed up and agreed to pretend to be tied up after a tense discussion. Meeting over the stinking, horrible beast buried in the desert sands, the two parties faced a grim standoff. Finally, the three heroes turned to walk away, leaving Sarrin to his fate. The tough old Trandoshan wouldn’t have it any other way. As they hurried away, the trio could hear blaster fire and shouting, and finally, a powerful explosion that send a geyser of sand into the sky.

Back home, the group received 10,000 credits to share among themselves (Alrik and Sven split it, since Mik pocketed the 30,000 credits for himself) from a transmission that stated ‘Thank you for your help. Your friend, Sarrin.’

They then received their mission information: they would join Ront, 1034, and Navik on the planet Sestan. This is what that group had learned:

Sestan is a lush planet covered in thick jungles, mighty rivers, and broad savannas. It is rich in wildlife, much of which is dangerous. The sentient natives of Sestan are called the Morna, slender creatures that are anthropoidal, with long claws on hands and feet and long, coarse hair on their heads. They are covered in fur ranging from yellow to brown. Their faces are inhuman, with no nose, wide red eyes, and mouths filled with two rows of sharp teeth. They live in a tribal society and have simple weapons up to complex bows.

Would the Morna prove to be wily adversaries or loyal allies against the Separatists? Only time would tell!



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