Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

Brief Recap

After surviving the Battle of Geonosis, the only member of his squad to do so, trooper 1034 was singled out for his bravery and skill. He received specialized training in individual combat and covert operations, and was assigned to Task Force 8, the Republic-aligned group consisting of Jedi Padawan Alrik Pol and his cohorts. The Task Force was assigned the mission of returning to the planet Drukon. Unlike what they had promised, they would come with little reinforcements save themselves and the Jedi Master Asthal Krup.

The ship arrived and was stopped by an inspection officer who complained that there was no landing clearance, but 1034 stepped forward and browbeat the man into letting the group land unchallenged. In the capital city, the situation was clearly terrible. The Seperatist droid army was crushing the local populace, forcing them to do ceaseless labor and arresting any who showed signs of rebellion. The Task Force observed the arrest of one man, but did not interfere, choosing stealth over heroism. They made contact with the local resistance, who flew them to an abandoned mining platform, where they met the leader of the resistance, the former Baron’s chief of security. The Task Force arranged to fly out to a platform where Garen was being held prisoner. After a grueling fight on the platform, the team found Garen and escaped, but not before noting what appeared to be a droid factory on an adjacent platform.

Returned to the secret base, the group whipped up rebellion among the local resistance and requested and received a squad of clone troopers to aid them in their attack on the droid factory. The battle was hairy, and few clones or resistance fighters made it out alive, but the team succeeded in disabling the factory and then destroying the platform, sending it down into the acidic depths of Drukon’s liquid surface. The prototype droid they encountered, however, was an ill omen for the progress of the war, and they took one back to Coruscant for further study. Meanwhile, the citizens of Drukon, supported by a Republic task force, rose up in revolt.

Although they had worked mostly through the Jedi Council, Task Force 8 was tasked by the Senate with a new mission: to once again rescue Baron Highquarter, taken by a bounty hunter for unknown reasons from the secret resistance base on Drukon. The group’s contact was a a Twi’lek Councilor in the Galactic Senate named Pavel Jervyn. Task Force 8 met in the Councilor’s chambers high above Coruscant, and were given a report on a legendary Trandoshan bounty hunter that would lead them closer to finding Garen Highquarter.

In the meantime, Asthal Krup’s disappearance during the battle on Drukon was explained away as an attempt to draw away Separatist attention. Padawan Alrik Pol, however, sensed a feeling of frustration, even anger, from Krup throug the Force during the mission.

((players, feel free to fill in details and gaps as you remember them))



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