Star Wars: A Light in the Galaxy

Battle on Sestan!

Alrik reports on the final battle

The miniature, holographic images of the Jedi High Council spread out in front of Alrik as he keyed the communications console of the commandeered Separatist craft. The young Jedi knelt respectfully before his elders as he made his report.

“We have succeeded in crippling the Separatists’ mobile base, and the Morna are taking the fight to them. As soon as we land the craft we escaped the base with, we will rejoin our allies and aid them in stopping our enemies.”

Mace Windu leaned forward, an intent look on his serious face. “And tell me, young Jedi, how did you accomplish this?”

The Alderaanian Knight composed his thoughts for a moment, then answered, “With the help of the Morna, we were able to locate a remote outpost that had access codes to the Separatist mobile base. Sven helped us scout the place and determine the best angle of approach. We managed to avoid the blaster cannon and sneak up to the base. Then, we split into two groups and caught the enemy between us, quickly destroying their communications and dealing with their defenses. We were then able to get a copy of the access codes.”

Yoda nodded. “Showed great bravery, your group has. A diverse mix of talented people, you are.”

“How did you manage to cripple the base?” asked Windu.

“Everything went like clockwork,” said Alrik. “Using the codes, we got onto the Sep… aratist moving base. Thanks to Mik Sool’s smooth-talking, we found the drive shaft for the walking mechanism. We then got into one of the armories and, with Navik’s knowledge of explosives, we managed to cripple the machine. We then got up the elevator, fighting off several droids along the way, and escaped on the craft we are now on.”

The ship landed, and the far-off sound of the gate opening could be heard.

Alrik listened for a moment, then reported, “We are taking some Morna on board to bring them around to the other side of the base and flank them.”

Mace Windu nodded. “Very good. You have truly proven this council’s wisdom in making you a Knight. Now, if you could tell us—”

“Excuse me, Master,” said Alrik. “Our scanners just picked up two ships full of Separatist soldiers and battle droids moving for orbit. We will leave the crippled Separatist base to the Morna, and bring the Morna warriors who just came on board to help against these ships. We are moving to intercept.”

“Are you hanging up on me? Oh, you are NOT hanging up on ME, motherf-” The transmission cut off as Alrik hurried away.



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